Bruce Lankford

Systems- & people-centred water and irrigation

Water energy food nexus

Work on the water energy food nexus has been limited to one presentation at ICID/IWF which can be downloaded here.  Lankford ICID nexus types 24 Feb 2012 final.  The title of the presentation is “The water-food-energy-land nexus – types and typologies”.  I basically ask about the function of the nexus seen in different versions of subordination – in other words, what is the final aim of the nexus if one dimensions is promoted or demoted over another.

In June 2014 I was part of early planning for the FE2W collaboration held in Oxford:

As a result of the discussions, I compiled a normative framework for considering the interactions between the different sectors of food, energy, environment and water.   This powerpoint can be downloaded here: Normative nexus Lankford June 2014


normative nexus Lankford