Bruce Lankford

Systems- & people-centred water and irrigation

Demand management to environmental and ecological water flows

Application of demand management to environmental and ecological water resources to sustain or increase productivity in that sector

Usangu wetland slide

Photo is of Usangu wetland in Southern Tanzania.

Using knowledge of irrigation management, I responded to a remark by Melvyn Kay who in 2002 asked if demand management could be applied to the ecological water sector. In other words, during conditions of water scarcity, could less water be apportioned to all sectors including environmental flows, while maintaining ecological functioning and productivity?

My response to this question resulted in the 2003 CIWEM publication, cited:Lankford, B. A. 2003. Environmental water requirements: A demand management perspective. CIWEM. Journal of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management. Vol 17, No. 1: 19-22 (PDF).

More recently, with Jamie Pittock (WWF), we co-wrote a follow-up publication: Pittock, J. and Lankford, B.A. 2010. Environmental water requirements: demand management in an era of water scarcity. Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, 7(1):1–19.

Other publications that fit this theme include

Kashaigili, J.J., Kadigi, R.M.J, Lankford, B.A, Mahoo, H.F. and Mashauri, D.A. (2005). Environmental flows allocation in river basins: Exploring allocation challenges and options in the Great Ruaha River catchment in Tanzania. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Volume 30, Issues 11-16: 689-697 (PDF).